Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Mole People and Them!

Horror movies in the past were fun.  The Mole People (1956) was and is one of my favorites from my youth when I saw it as part of a triple-feature at a drive-in showing a retrospective of old horror films. I found this one especially engaging. Another super favorite was/is the chilling Them! (1954).  So many of these charming b&w movies offered all sorts of undercurrents of a political or spiritual nature.

Sadly, all I could find on You tube for the entire movies were two uploads of The Mole People from a SF group that likes to chat and comment throughout the film, which is annoying if you actually want to watch it--the link is a trailer--; and Them! which can be viewed in the second link but the quality isn't wondrous. Enjoy!


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