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Nancy Kilpatrick Writer: Get to Know Photographer...STEPHANE LORDStepha...

Nancy Kilpatrick Writer: Get to Know Photographer...

: Get to Know Photographer... STEPHANE LORD Stephane Lord NK - You've been a photographer who has sold his work since ...

Get to Know Photographer...

Stephane Lord
photo by Luc Lauziere

NK - You've been a photographer who has sold his work since 1996, but did you have an interest in photography prior to that? What's your background?

SL - I started by studying professional photography in 1983 for 3 years but my interest in the "dark and mysterious" only came in 1996. For several years I kind of took a break from photography after I finished college because I couldn't find a decent job in that field.

NK - With all its sub- and sub-sub genres, what is it about the gothic-rock scene that appeals to you?

SL - Apart from the music, I love the mysterious, romantic, stylish side of the scene. I like Victorian, medieval and fetish style as well but it's also something that attracts other Goths, especially if you look at the German Goth scene.

NK - Besides musicians, you have also created gorgeous photographs of the most delicate-looking females who may or may not have wings. Faeries, really.  Why are you attracted to that type of image?

SL -  I love faeries... I collect all sorts of figurines and illustration books. I like their beauty but also the romantic and mysterious side of them. I have tried to infuse interpretations into some of my pictures, and some results were better than others; when I started in the late '90's, I was shooting with film so nothing from the film days has been Photoshopped.

NK - You are a bilingual Quebecker but have traveled every year for decades to either England or Germany or both. What appeals to you about those two countries specifically that inspires your photography?

SL - The first time I visited England was in 1988. I immediately fell in love with the country. My first year of traveling in the UK was very much "music-oriented". I made a few contacts and met some wonderful people but this was during my break in photography. It was only 10 years later, two years after I started doing photography again, that I did some sessions in the UK, mostly in London. The old buildings, the overgrown cemeteries, the vegetation, the ivy...that was fantastic! There have been times when I was doing more sessions in a few weeks there than all the rest of the year in Montreal.  I love the Goth scene over there and through the years I've made several friends which is another reason to return...and English ales, of course!

My fascination with Germany came later. I loved the vibrant nightlife that I found in Berlin years ago, but everything changed when I discovered the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig. It attracts between 20,000 and 25,000 Goths. You can see so many extravagant styles that you'll never see in Montreal. As everybody is running from one venue to another to see their favorite bands, it's almost impossible to try to organize a session, so I’m not going there in hopes of doing photo sessions...a few snapshots, maybe.

NK - What is your latest photographic project and where can we see it?

SL - Amanda Rogers, an American singer that I've known for years, used a picture from a session we did in Montreal for her new album cover. It was actually just a test shot before removing her coat on a cold autumn day.  You can see the cover here: 
The Hallow


Model - Isabelle

Model - Manon Verret

Model - Victoria Fenban

Model - Lucas Lanthier of Cinema Strange 

Model - Amanda Rogers

Model - Fannie Langlois

Magazine & Book Covers

More Photographs Here:  Dark Fairies

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Nancy Kilpatrick Writer: Get to know Writer...                    SUE DENT...

Nancy Kilpatrick Writer: Get to know Writer...
                    SUE DENT...
: Get to know Writer...                     SUE DENT Sue Dent NK - You have published four successful novels, the first of whic...
Get to know Writer...
                    SUE DENT

Sue Dent

NK - You have published four successful novels, the first of which raced out of the gate to great reviews, made the Bram Stoker Award preliminary ballot; two novels were on the Pluto Awards long list, one of which make it to the short list; and one novel was on the long list of the British Fantasy Awards. How did that feel, being so successful so quickly?

SD - It gave me confidence and made me feel A LOT better about hiring a professional editor to help me with my first novel.

NK - You have a supernatural series, which includes vampires and werewolves and more. What inspired this series?

SD - I grew up with Dark Shadows and that was my inspiration. That show fascinated me to no end and gave me nightmares. I know I awoke one night age 9 or 10 and stared into the hall to see the corpse-less head of Judah Zachery in its case. That’s how vivid my imagination is. I saw it!

NK - Your background is in visual arts—you design the covers of your books. How did you make the switch to writing?

SD - The writing came first. Doing my own covers came when I saw what folks were charging to do covers and realized the process wasn’t that complicated, at least, not for me as I have a background in computers and art. Nicholas Grabowsky of Halloween 4 fame and Black Bed Sheet Books publisher did some covers for me when he published me. They were awesome!

NK - Why did you start your own publishing company?

SD - I wanted to buy a block of ISBN’s from Bowker and at the time, you had to be a ‘publisher’ to order them in blocks. So I became one. Now, however, you can get an ISBN from Amazon, Smashwords, etc . The first few numbers of an ISBN point to the publishing house though. I wanted my ISBN’s to point to my publishing house as the publisher and not to Amazon or Smashwords, etc.

NK - You live in what's called 'The Bible Belt' in the U.S. Your horror novels appeal to Christian readers but they are not specifically written for that audience. Never Ceese was the Book Club Choice of the month at the American Christian Fiction Writers Association. How do you see that connection?

SD - Not only do I live in the ‘Bible Belt,’ my grandfather was an ordained Southern Baptist Minister who ordained my brother. My Great Grandfather founded Wood College in Mathiston, Mississippi. A Methodist college.

I never really saw any connection with readers of Christian fiction. It’s just that the first ‘traditional’ publisher that showed an interest in my work was a Christian publisher. I know, right? But it is the Bible Belt, after all. They called their work Christian fiction and thus, Christian readers started reading it where they might not have picked it up at all otherwise. Those readers started calling my work Christian Fiction, a label used by “evangelical publishers” to represent their extremely targeted fiction which I DO NOT write and which they WILL not publish. Several of their coveted writers such as Eric Wilson of “Fireproof” and Bryan Davis of the “Dragons in our Midst” series gave me contacts to their publishers and told me I should call them. I did. The publishers responded by saying, “Our readers won’t read your work.” It didn’t seem to matter that their readers are some of my most ardent fans.

NK -  What's up next for you?

SD - Just as Dori from “Finding Nemo” (my son’s first visit to the movies) might say if she were an author, “just keep writing, keep writing, just keep writing . . .”


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Nancy Kilpatrick Writer: Get to Know Blog Tour Guide andSpecialist ...MAIA...

Nancy Kilpatrick Writer: Get to Know Blog Tour Guide and
Specialist ...MAIA...
: Get to Know Blog Tour Guide and Specialist ... MAIA GOMEZ   Maia Gomez NK - You're a self-described 'country girl',...
Get to Know Blog Tour Guide and
Specialist ...MAIA GOMEZ

 Maia Gomez

NK - You're a self-described 'country girl', with deep generational roots in your hometown, Fredericksburg, Texas.  How did it come about that you started a highly successful Internet business in book promotion?

MG – Well, quite frankly, I had two babies within a year's time and decided to be a full-time stay-at-home mom with quite a bit of spare time on my hands! Between juggling the kids and many sleepless nights, I was able to commit a lot of hours into creating my dream job and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. Plus, being stuck out in the boondocks with Internet and not much else to do seems to help a bit. lol

NK - What do you like most about promoting books for authors?

MG – Finding new and exciting books and connecting with new authors! There's quite a few authors out there that have some 5 star AMAZING books that just need the extra boost to get discovered. I've also made quite a few good friends and still stay in touch on a regular basis with many of the authors I've toured with in the past.

NK - Your business offer to writers is, pay-what-you-want, an almost unheard of business practice today. Does it work out for you? 

MG – While it seems quite unorthodox, yes it really does work! I believe that some of these other companies charge way too much for the “average” author to be able to pay to get sufficient promo. Authors are very grateful that I'm actually affordable to any and all budgets and still provide quality tours with everybody getting the same level of attention no matter what they end up paying me. While some are only able to pay a little, most authors pay me very well and let's just say I make more now than I ever did at a “regular” job.  

NK - What is the first book you read and loved?

MG – Wow, I've been reading my entire life and can't really remember my first book—I was reading at a 6th grade level in 1st grade and they had to put me in an advanced reading class. I was the kid in class that teachers yelled at to STOP reading instead of the other way around. Back then I really loved the Goosebumps and Fear Street books though. And later when Harry Potter came out of course I was head over heels for those too! I remember when the third HP book came out I got it as a birthday present and stayed up the entire night and finished the book. I had a major book hangover after that one.

NK - There is a rumor that you have a 'book cave' filled with thousands of books.  Have you read them all? 

MG – I have read almost all of them! I'm a fanatic about series and prowl the local thrift stores for castoffs—I frequently buy later books in series and then slowly find the others and eventually when I have a full set I binge-read them. So there's some works in progress, but they all get read eventually. As for time—my only peace and quiet is late at night after the kids go to sleep—I stay up until past midnight escaping to new worlds and enjoying the peace.

NK - Many people peripherally involved in the larger world of writing hold a secret desire to write fiction.  Is that you? 

MG – Oh absolutely! It's a longtime dream of mine to be an author myself one day—I know I have the talent in me, and have even started a few books in the past. My only roadblock is time, I just don't have the time (or peace) to commit to serious writing. I'm thinking once the little ones go off to school that might change though... 

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