Monday, March 06, 2017


It's always nice to see a new blog from a bibliophile.  And it's wonderful to be selected as the first interviewee whose book is reviewed as well!  The Rabid Bookworm chose my novel Child of the Night. It's not a recent book but it is still available in print and ebook, and I'm quite honored to be selected.

My good wishes go to the blogger with the hope that he continues with this important work of profiling authors and books. Publishing is a business where every little bit helps! Thank you, Sam. I encourage all of my readers and friends to support your thoughtful, respectful and intelligent efforts in helping to keep fiction vital. Here's the link: 


  1. You are so kind. I love doing this, and I am very passionate about helping others discover reading. I am eager for more of your wonderful stories to join Child of the Night on my blog and YouTube channel. Thank you!

    1. Thanks again, Sam. I look forward to your future reviews, of my work and that of others.

    2. My pleasure. And thank you!