Thursday, January 26, 2017

Scream Quietly - The Best of Charles L. Grant

edited by Stephen Jones

Charlie Grant was a special writer.  If he had made films, he wouldn't have needed special FX, or extreme makeup on the actors. Endless chases and car crashes?--not necessary.  Charlie Grant knew how to construct stories and novels in the way of a great wordsmith. He could get under your skin and make it crawl and you wouldn't know about it until you noticed your flesh moving!

This book is a homage to Grant, a man much loved in the SF/F/H communities (and he also wrote mysteries, humor, and some romances under a nom de plume). It brings together some of his stories and novellas, combined with writers remembering him and his work: Stephen King, Kim Newman, Peter Straub, Thomas F. Monteleone and Nancy Holder.  Back in the day I interviewed Charlie about his background, and also his unique skill at writing 'quiet horror'--that interview is included. 

Here's a link for the just-released trade paperback from PS Publishing:


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